Gold & Silver
Stake Awards

Each year IVFAF invites short and feature films to be submitted for screening, From the shortlist of nominated films, a Golden Stake Award is given to the Best Feature Film and Best Short Film with Silver Stake Awards given as runner up prises in each category. IVFAF also invites submissions from authors who have published a new Vampire novel in the previous year and Gold and Silver Stakes will be awarded along with a separate award for the Best Short Story.
FILMS 2022Literature 2022
2022 GOLDEN STAKE (Feature Film) 2022 GOLDEN STAKE (Best Novel)
A Place Among the Dead (USA), Director, Juliet Landau Awake While I Die by K.E. Woodruff (USA)
Silver Stake (Feature Film) Silver Stake
The Monsters Without (USA), Director, Randal Kamradt The Caretakers by Chloe Greene (UK)
2022 GOLDEN STAKE (Short Film) Short Story Winner
How My Girlfriend Ignited On Our Third Date (Romania), Director, Márton Nagy The Caretakers by Chloe Greene (UK)
Silver Stake (Short Film) 666 Words
Vamp Nite (USA), Director, Roberto Lopez The Night Rex Took His Chance by Alex Williams
Alexander Williams for Eternal Youth  aaaaa
Anathema: Pilotus by Bob Singleton  aaaaa
FILMS 2020Literature 2020
2020 GOLDEN STAKE (Feature Film) 2020 GOLDEN STAKE
The Shed (USA). Director, Frank Sabatella Eternal Youth by Alexander Williams (UK)
Silver Stake (Feature Film) Silver Stake
Dracula is not Dead (France) Director, Luizo Vega Stray Witch by Eva Alton (Spain)
2020 GOLDEN STAKE (Short Film)  aaaaa
End of Shift (Mexico). Director, Telio Espinozq  aaaaa
Silver Stakes (Short Film)  aaaaa
Elysia (USA). Director, Chloe Carroll  aaaaa
Films 2019Literature 2019
2019 GOLDEN STAKE (Feature Film) 2019 GOLDEN STAKE
Mimesis: Nosferatu (USA). Director, Doug Schulz The Promise Keeper by L.Marie Wood (USA)
Silver Stake (Feature Film) Silver Stake
Dio No Ti Odia (Italy) Director, Fabrizio La Monica. Watcher: Book One of The Chosen by Roh Morgon (USA)
2019 GOLDEN STAKE (Short Film)  aaaaa
Keith Barry John (Wales). Director, Angus Smith  aaaaa
Silver Stakes (Short Film)  aaaaa
Custodian. Director, Luis Ribes  aaaaa
Films 2018Literature 2018
2018 GOLDEN STAKE (Feature Film) 2018 GOLDEN STAKE
Rose of Blood (France). Director, Klaudia Lanka Blood and Sand by Aisling Wilder (Ireland)
Silver Stake (Feature Film) Silver Stake
Denise Castro’s Dracula (Spain) Director, Denise Castro. In the Blood by Delia Remington (USA)
2018 GOLDEN STAKE (Short Film) Short Story Winner
Taste of the Night (Russia). Director, Liudmila Komrakova The Haunted Forest by Robin Barker (UK)
Silver Stakes (Short Film)  aaaa
Popsy (France). Director, Julian Homsy
Those Who Can Die (France) Director, Charlotte Cayeux
Films 2017Literature 2017
2017 GOLDEN STAKE (Feature Film) 2017 GOLDEN STAKE
Vampirah (USA/Philippines). Director, Matthew Abaya Night Walker by Aaron L. Speer (Australia)
Silver Stake (Feature Film) Silver Stake
Night Watchmen (USA). Director, Ken Arnold The Lament of the Vampire Bride by Rhiannon Frater (USA)
2017 GOLDEN STAKE (Short Film) Short Story Winner
Lovely Creature (Israel). Director, Shira Sznaider Trust by Timothy C. Hobbs (USA)
Silver Stake (Short Film)  aaaa
PYOTR495 (Canada). Director, Blake Mawson  aaaa
Films 2016Awards
2016 GOLDEN STAKE (Feature Film)
Aaron's Blood (USA). Director,Tommy Stovall
Silver Stake (Feature Film)
Infested Ship (USA). Director, Jack Skyyler
2016 GOLDEN STAKE (Short Film)
Exposure (Spain). Director Ignagio Rodo
Silver Stake (Short Film)
Mr. Dentonn (Spain). Director, Ivan Villamel

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